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Guest Post: Defending Loki (Law and the Multiverse)

Guest Post: Defending Loki (Law and the Multiverse) :

In the closing sequence of Marvel’s The Avengers, The World Security Council that evidently has the authority to order a nuclear strike on New York City, questions Nick Fury about the disposition of Loki. Calling Loki a war criminal, they ask Mr. Fury why he let Thor take Loki away when he should be answering for his crimes.

In this iteration of the Multiverse, evidently the bureaucracy of the United States has given way to the autocratic decisions of an infighting oligarchy that ignores due process and extradition laws. Well, at least Nick Fury does.

I think I would have rather seen a little more adherence to law and let Loki have his day in a U.S. Court. I say this, because as a criminal defense attorney, I believe there is a reasonable defense for Loki.

Law and the Multiverse examines various fandoms from the perspective of US Law. It’s an example of a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down.

This post imagines what could have happened if Loki hadn’t been carted off to Asgard at the end of The Avengers.

Given Earth’s inability to keep Loki locked up, I think this post ignores that Loki would have vaporized his attorney in court in preference to having “ants” declare him insane. What do you think?

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