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danielcornwall: Wooden Sink (by AlaskanLibrarian) Flickr is…


Wooden Sink (by AlaskanLibrarian)

Flickr is getting on my nerves. Their latest photo page revision covers over sharing options, including blogging to Tumblr.

So I plugged my photostream RSS feed into my Netvibes and am now trying to blog from here.

So, about the photo. The second day of my Chile tour we stayed at a hotel in Vicuna. I’ll have the hotel name in a future post, but for now I’ll say the place was family run and the folks were VERY GOOD people. A great place to trust in a foreign land. My bathroom featured a sink that was carved from a log. At least it felt like wood.

This is a warning against having too many blogs and internet widgets. I plugged the RSS feed of my Flickr photostream into Netvibes with the intention of sharing photos to my personal Tumblr. Instead, it wound up on my “Librarian” Tumblr. No big harm done in this case. So now I’m cross posting it here. Eventually a copy will show up on my WordPress blog. Complicated much?

Ironically, one of the reasons I went for a Tumblr in the first place was because it was a much better experience to share from Flickr to Tumblr than from Flickr to WordPress.

from Tumblr http://alaskanlibrarian.tumblr.com/post/68136005577

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