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The Best Of The Dish Today (The Dish)

The Best Of The Dish Today (The Dish):

I don’t pay for many web-based resources. The Dish by Andrew Sullivan’s team is one of the ones I do pay for. For $19.99  a year, I get full access to a great mix of commentary on political, cultural and religious issues. I get this without ads. And anything I link to here is automatically full text for the people who follow me.

This link will take you to “The Best of the Dish Today” for November 5, 2013. It shows the mix of articles available. You can read at least a few of them for free before the paywall activates. If you agree this is high quality content, you should see the subscribe links on the site. As a subscriber, I don’t even see the “subscribe” links on the site, so I can’t link directly for you.

from Tumblr http://ddcpolitics.tumblr.com/post/66181818059

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