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Thoughts – Now with Tumblr Content!

Dear Reader,

I’d like to thank you for your patience over the weekend as this mostly inactive blog has had a bunch of postings, many of them tagged tests.

I think I’ve done with my revisions so far. While the frequency of postings here will rise past my past output, I don’t think it will overwhelm you.

If you read this blog through some sort of feed reader, the biggest change you will notice is that I’m piping in content from two of my Tumblr blogs – one mostly devoted to photography, science and fandom and the other devoted to politics. I’m keeping the Tumblrs because at least for now, Tumblr is superior for blogging photos and links than WordPress is. In particular it lets me schedule posts when I’m hitting a “share” button on a web page. WordPress wants to post such finds immediately.

That’s why I’m keeping my Tumblr blogs. So why am I piping in the blogs here? For two reasons:

1) Tumblr isn’t as nearly as popular as other social media platforms. There’s a chance some of you have barely heard of it. I suspect it will get more popular, but its not there yet.

2) Tumblr doesn’t have a great comment mechanism or post statistics. Most people comment by reblogging your post, but they usually can’t comment on the post itself. You get notified when people like or reblog your post, but you don’t get stats of who read something. So now, you can comment on what moves you to comment and I’ll get better statistics.

I think bringing my Tumblr content in will be an overall plus for the blog, especially since it will bring back more of my photography to this space. I’m anticipating that you will see an absolute maximum of five or six posts per day and most days usually less. But if it gets to be overwhelming, let me know and I’ll think about (but not commit to) making changes.

If you visit the blog site itself, the biggest changes you’ll see is that I dropped the now irrelevant Tumblr feed, my public Facebook feed which I don’t think people were paying attention to anyway, and the Flickr widget which hasn’t been updated in awhile. I also moved the Goodreads widget to make it more prominent.

Finally, I’ll be revamping the “blogroll links” in the near future.

While I can’t make any promises, I would like to return to making some kind of longer entries here in addition to the Tumblr content now piped in. We’ll see what happens.

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