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New blog title – Thoughts from an Alaskan

In recognition that I rarely post library-themed posts here any more, I’ve changed my blog title from Alaskan Librarian to Thoughts from an Alaskan. If you were a fan of my library writing, check out Daniel aka Alaskan Librarian on Tumblr. That’s the site I’m attempting to turn into “my professional presence.” Though that may be a false distinction as one could argue that all online presence can be construed as one’s professional presence. But I still feel a need to try and separate out the library stuff from the political stuff that used to be here often.

I haven’t been writing much about politics lately mostly because I’ve been feeling helpless to affect anything at the federal level and partly because I’ve been in a great online class for the past few months.

But who knows, I may find my voice again. And if I don’t on politics, there are interesting things in science and other areas of life to share.

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