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Syria: Contact Congress and Sign Petition NOW

Today, August 31, 2013, President Obama stated he intended to seek Congressional approval prior to a military strike on Syria. If you do not want this to happen, you MUST contact your Congressional delegation NOW or very soon. Although Congress is on recess till September 9th, they might come back sooner. So, if you believe the consequences of a unilaterally bombing campaign would outweigh any possible deterrent value, contact your delegation NOW. Here are the “Contact Me” pages for Alaska’s Delegation:

If you don’t live in Alaska, you can find your Representative here and your two senators here. Please use your own words. Members of Congress hate cut and paste spam as much as the rest of us. Here are three resources that might offer useful facts and analysis in coming up with your own words and ideas:

Armed Conflict in Syria: U.S. and International Response by CRS

Eight Things to Consider Before intervening in Syria

Red Lines: Stonekettle Station

While the decision to go to war appears to be taking the Constitutional process, it wouldn’t hurt to sign the No to War in Syria petition at the White House. As of 9/2/2013, they were only at 11,900. We need a lot more signatures. NOW.

Updated 9/2/2013 – Credo Action has a petition for Congress. Please sign that too!

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