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Eight things to consider before intervening in Syria

Eight things to consider before intervening in Syria

The headline here will take you  to a blog post of the same name over at Informed Comment.  The post elaborates on these eight points:

1. What are the goals of intervention?
2. The chemical weapons dilemma
3. The problem with evidence
4. The legality challenge
5. The military dynamic of western intervention
6. Impact on the trajectory of the Syria conflict
7. Impact on the region
8. A diplomatic alternative?

These are eight points I wish the President would study more closely. Especially the purpose of his intervention and the impact on the region.  While I’m sure that the President has seen a variant of the Congressional Research Service report Armed Conflict in Syria: US and International Response (June 2013), it is worth your review.

If you agree that a bombing run is not the way to handle the situation in Syria, go sign the No to War in Syria petition at the White House. As of this writing it had 8,396 signatures. We need a lot more signatures. Preferably this weekend.

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