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Sign and Share NOW No to War in Syria

Sign and Share NOW No to War in Syria

The title of this post points to a We the People petition at the White House demanding that the President stand down on attacking Syria. There is no legal authority for attacking Syria and Congress has not exercised its power to declare war. In addition, the limited strikes that the President is contemplating have NO CHANCE of altering the balance of power in the civil war. It would not be a protective act. It would merely kill people that don’t seem to be particularly valued by either side in this conflict.

For a good explanation of why these strikes won’t work and why it might be bad even if they succeeded, check out Red Lines over at Stonekettle Station.  There are a lot of moral, strategic and tactical questions laid out there. It’s worth reading the whole thing.

Although I want us to stay out of Syria because I don’t see any action that doesn’t make things worse, I would go along with the approach that Stonekettle Station proprietor Jim Wright suggests:

I think President Obama should go before the nation and clearly outline the options.

Limited strikes, no fly zones, boots on the ground, invasion and occupation, humanitarian relief only, or no action. Whatever the options his advisers are giving him, A to Z.  I think he should explain as best he is able, in simple terms, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the expected consequences and outcomes.

I think he should tell us which option he prefers.

Then I think he should publicly call for a vote in Congress.

I think every member of Congress should go on record, yea or nay, as representatives of the people of the United States.

And then I think the President should abide by that decision

It may not be the choice I want, but at least it would respect our democracy and provide an accounting of what to expect.

But given the track we’re currently on, I think that all of us who object to bombing Syria or taking sides in their civil war need to make our voices heard quickly and loudly. As I write this, the No to War in Syria petition has 8,095 signatures. We need more and we need them now. Please sign and share.

This post is going to stay at the top of this blog until we either stand down or start bombing.


2 Responses

  1. and if and when they bomb how many women and children will our bombs kill…and you dam will know that you just can’t drop bombs and walk away with no consequences…. they or other countries (Russia, China) will retaliate.

  2. Hi Marg, Thanks for stopping by. While I think any number of consequences await us if we simply toss bombs as a message, I don’t expect either Russia or China to attack us. Russia is considered Syria’s best ally and they’ve so far contented themselves with running interference at the UN and possibly sending some weapons shipments. If they had wanted to intervene more forcefully in this civil war, I honestly believe they would have. China doesn’t have enough of a navy to project power into the eastern Mediterranean, or really anywhere else outside of Asia.

    What they might well do if we attack would be to attack nations closer to home and cite our bombing of Syria as a precedent. This would be a very bad consequence for the world.

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