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Yes. You are being spied on and your gov’t is lying to you

ProPublica has a good round up of how government officials from the President on down have been lying to us on the extend of spying being done on Americans.

All of the claims in the video are documented ans sourced at http://projects.propublica.org/graphics/nsa-claims. Click on “show analysis on each section of the tape for links to relevant documents.

The thing that hurts me both is that both parties have abandoned us on this issue. The dragnet is being currently run under Obama, but it was started by Bush and the latest effort to defund the NSA’s overreach failed because a majority of House Republicans sided with President Obama’s position against the American people.  So in our current system, we appear to lack recourse. We can vote the current people out, but then it seems like the new people instantly assimilate the surveillance state view. President Obama himself is exhibit A for this process having campaigned against the Patriot Act and the surveillance state in general and giving both a warm embrace as President.

For the record, Rep. Don Young voted in favor of the Amash-Conyers amendment, which would have restricted NSA to collecting information on Americans who were an actual target of an investigation. I thanked him for that and hope you will too.

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