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EveryLibrary: My kind of PAC

If you think libraries are a public good, read on. If not, find something that you like.

If you’ve read me in the last year or so, you know that I’m very burned out on politics, particularly national politics.

But yesterday I read about a Political Action Committee (PAC) that immediately energized me to make a monthly $20 donation to it. From me on political issues, this is significant.

The PAC is EveryLibrary, a very young PAC that has a very specific, non-candidate focus:

We work with local ballot committees and PAC leaders in support of local library ballot measures, on specific state legislative measures which impact libraries ability to act as districts, and independently to advocate for specific library initiatives among the voting public.

Unlike ALA, the Alaska Library Association and other library groups, EveryLibrary can spend money in direct support of ballot measures. As far as I know, they are the only library advocacy group that does so. If you know of others, I’d be happy to hear about it in comments.

EveryLibrary talks to local people before getting involved in a specific campaign.  So far they have supported successful efforts in Spokane Washington, Ronan Montana, and Shorewood-Troy Illinois.  They are currently involved in campaigns in Hot Springs Montana and Santa Clara California.

I think EveryLibrary is doing important and unique work in assuring access to quality libraries. I was pleased to support them. If you’re a US citizen who sees libraries as a public good, I hope you will consider donating to them as well.

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