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Your chance to fund cool citizen science: Snapshot Serengeti

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Snapshot Serengeti brings the secret lives of Africa’s jaw-dropping wildlife to your browser, providing a unique window on everything from aardwolves to zebra.

Snapshot Serengeti is a “citizen science” project where people classify images taken by a camera trap. Scientists from the University of Minnesota’s Lion Research Center then use these results to plot the distribution and behavior of animals in the study area. This allows them to try to answer several scientific questions. Some of their science results get posted to the project blog.

It’s a win for regular people who get to see amazing photos of Africa. It’s a win for the researchers who could never classify so many images, even with a computer.

BUT – They lost their grant for camera traps this year. So they started a crowdfunding project to keep Snapshot Serengeti alive. I’m contributing and I hope you will too. If you’d like to read their take on why they lost the grant, see their blog.

Please help if you can. This is a way to get people of all ages engaged in science.


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  1. Thanks for your support, Daniel. We appreciate it!

  2. Thank you for involving the public in your research!

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