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This Blog – Not Quite Dead Yet

I come today in acknowledgement of the fact I hardly post here anymore. There are several reasons for this:

Politics – I’m thoroughly disillusioned by politics at the national level. Aside from some very welcome movement on marriage equality, I’ve very disappointed on my core issues – civil liberties, transparency, drone strikes, etc. I’ve also seen 95% of the Bush tax cuts continued and acceptance of austerity by both parties even though that has been shown to be a failure in the UK and elsewhere it has been tried. The Senate keeps shooting down filibuster reform and my Democratic senator rejects universal background check for firearms. These things stay stable regardless of party. I will continue to vote in all elections, but I’m tired of blogging about issues where there appears to be a strong elite consensus. That might change in the future, but I don’t know when.

Photography – As a user of Flickr, Tumblr is a way better platform to blog my photos as I can queue them through Flickr. If Flickr ever allows me to queue to WordPress, I might do more photography here. But until then, just the rare shot from my tablet.

Book reviews – I got turned on to Good Reads. When I read Alaska themed books, I’ll post reviews here. Sharing cool links. I have Facebook and Tumblr for that.

Library writing – I spun off writing on library topics to a library Tumblr so I could divorce library writing from my politics. Lately I haven’t been too active there either.

So, I’m not sure what content I’ve got left for here. Part of me thinks I should just shut this puppy down. But I fear if I do that, I’ll have a perfect post for Alaskan Librarian the day after I close up shop. So I’ll leave it open for now. Hope you are all doing well.

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