Astronomy by Internet page updated – Map Mars and Vesta

I’ve just updated my Astronomy by Internet page.  I added two new opportunities to explore our solar system from your desktop:

Planet Four (Zooniverse) – citizen science project designed to help planetary scientists identify and measure features on the surface of Mars . . . the likes of which don’t exist on Earth.

Asteroid Mappers: Vesta Edition – Classify craters and other features in high resolution pictures of Vesta from NASA’s Dawn Mission.

I also had to take down links to several projects which have been completed:

  • Mars Public Mapping Project (bye bye Stars for Mars)
  • GalaxyZoo: Hunt for Supernova – (Zooniverse)
  • NASA Clickworkers

If you know of an internet based astronomy project that isn’t on Astronomy by Internet, would you let me know? Thanks!