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The names of the people who knowingly transferred these priests are important because they are accessories to the crime. Even if the statute of limitations has passed, they ought to be named and shamed.
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The Dish


If you have any illusions that the culture of self-protection, clerical privilege and contempt for the victims of rape have finally disappeared from the Catholic hierarchy, I’m afraid you have to let go of them. The Los Angeles Archdiocese fought for years to prevent full access to their own documents that prove complicity of many in the hierarchy in the rape of hundreds of children. Now they have released them, guess what’s missing? The names of the bishops and hierarchs who permitted and enabled the abuse. It really is just like the CIA: Lynndie England goes to jail but Dick Cheney, who authorized much of what she did, goes on a book tour:

On many pages it appears that the names of supervisors, like pastors in parishes or the supervisors of religious orders, are missing.

For example, the file on Carlos Rodriguez, a priest serving in a parish in Central…

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