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Thank You, Mr Stoinich

The January 7, 2013 Juneau Assembly Meeting minutes contain this retirement item:

A. Tony Stoinich – Wastewater Collections Supervisor

Kirk Duncan honored Tony Stoinich upon his retirement after 30 years of service to the City and Borough of Juneau. When Mr. Stoinich began his career at CBJ there were only 14 lift stations, now there were 46 lift stations and over 150 miles of sewer pipe. With the hard work of Mr. Stoinich and the WWTP staff, Juneau was a safer and cleaner community. Mr. Stoinich took it upon himself to get a Level IV certification, which exceeded the requirements of the job. He had shown initiative in all areas of work and saved the city significant funds due to quick thinking during emergencies. His dedication, knowledge and humor would be missed.

Mr. Stoinich said he enjoyed every day of his work. Each day brought a new challenge and he enjoyed being out in the community. He has worked with many people in the community. He said he and City Manager Kim Kiefer had gone to high school together and they had both come a long way.

Based on this meeting, Mr. Stoinich seems like a government worker who went above and beyond what was asked of him to make Juneau a better and cleaner place.

Thank you, Mr. Stoinich.

Let’s think of Mr. Stoinich when people make negative generalizations about government employees.

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