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Andrew Sullivan Dish Moving to Membership Model

The Dish, a group blog headed up by Andrew Sullivan, is going to a membership model on February 1, 2013. People will be able to read ten free articles a month and then would be asked to pay $19.99/year. They will allow free access to links from blogs, so bloggers like myself won’t have to worry about throwing you into a paywall.

I like this model and plan to subscribe.

This might surprise my small but loyal core of regular readers. You might remember that I blasted the Juneau Empire for a similar plan back in November.

What’s different here is that the Dish offers a lot of content and added value not readily available elsewhere, such as:

  • Real time blogging of important political events
  • In depth analysis of budget issues
  • Clear headed cultural and media commentary
  • A very consistent anti-torture perspective
  • A refusal to give politicians free passes merely because they’re of the same party or faction as the writers.

This sort of perspective and analysis I’ll happily pay for. What I’ve seen in the Juneau Empire, at least up until recently was a mix of commodity AP journalism (even when concerning Alaska politics) and local content largely available elsewhere (KTOO, KINY, etc). So far I’m not seeing the added value.

If you haven’t given the Dish a try, I hope you will. If you can afford it, I hope you’ll subscribe.

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