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Twitter Followers: The End of My Feed is Near! Options if You Want Them

In the last couple of days, I’ve noticed a few new Twitter followers who don’t seem to be spammers. I found this odd as practically the only Twitter activity on my account these days are automated posts from this blog and my public Facebook page.

A few weeks ago I decided to terminate my Twitter account at the end of 2012. I just really don’t pay attention to it anymore. I don’t wish to people to think I’m snubbing them if I don’t notice an @danielcornwall for a month or two.

Many people find Twitter VERY useful and I won’t argue otherwise. It just doesn’t fit into my communications mix right now which is mostly Facebook, e-mail, Tumblr (for my more leisure side) a tiny smidge of LinkedIn, and even tinier smidge of Google+. In 2013, I plan to make more use of LinkedIn because it seems to be a decent “professional/non-political” space to be in.

So if you’re one of my 215 followers and don’t want to miss my minimal Twitter content, here’s what to do:

  1. Subscribe to this blog, either by the “email subscription” box in the upper right hand of my blog, or via the blog’s rss feed.
  2. Subscribe to my public Facebook feed or “like” my page on Facebook.

And if you won’t miss my Twitter feed? I’m not hurt. It’s a HUGE twitterverse after all. I just hate to see people sign up for a feed days before it ends.


2 Responses

  1. I owe Twitter to introducing me to you, but find that I too don’t really use it. I find I only follow local police and news services for updates. I’m glad that Twitter brought us (and others) together. Glad to have you as my friend. See you on Facebook and maybe one of these days back in Alaska again.

  2. Likewise Jackie! You and/or your partner are welcome anytime.

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