Keeping the Kids Entertained… and Educated


Some fun ideas for kids. Here are some links to help you find this books in a library near you or
through interlibrary loan:

  • Jankowski, Krista L., and Caroline Marshall Hill. 2009. Junior paleontologist activity book, ages 5 to 12. [Washington, D.C.]: National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of Interior.
  • United States. 2011. Discovering the underground railroad: junior ranger activity book. [Washington, D.C.?]: National Park Service.
  • United States, William Wallack, and George Gonzalez. 2012. Celebrating 30 years of the space shuttle program. Washington, D.C.?: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


Junior Explorer Geology and Fossils Activity Book doesn’t appear to have made it into a library.

Government Book Talk

This week as holiday breaks from school and winter weather keep the kids indoors, parents are looking for ways to keep them entertained–and educated– at the same time.

Fortunately, many Federal agencies this year provide the perfect solution with publications that are both fun AND educational, and with which the kids might actually learn something besides how to shoot down some “Angry Birds” on their new tablet! 😉 From dinosaurs to fossils, freedom runners to astronauts, these fun facts will prove more fascinating than fiction.

Here are a few that I (and my eight and six year-old nephews) particularly enjoy:

     Junior-PaleontologistJunior Paleontologist Activity Book, Ages 5-12, Explore, Learn, ProtectFor the kid who thinks dinosaurs are dynamite

In this illustrated color booklet, a child can learn about ancient life, complete fun activities, and explore some of the 230 national parks that preserve fossils and offer a look into the…

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