Welcome to Snapshot Serengeti

Here’s an actual introductory post to the Snapshot Serengeti project I’m playing a teensy part in as a layman classifier. It’s fun work. So much fun that the researchers have about half their photos analyzed and the project has only been live a few days.

Snapshot Serengeti

Hi! And welcome to Snapshot Serengeti. We are all incredibly excited to be working with you to turn photographs into scientific discoveries. You might be wondering what this is all about, so let me start with some introductions. This is Ali:


Ali is a researcher at the University of Minnesota. She studies the big carnivores (lions, hyena, cheetahs, and leopards) in the Serengeti. Every year she flies to Tanzania, loads up on supplies in Arusha, and then drives for a day – mostly on dirt roads – out into Serengeti National Park.


This is Craig:

Craig is a professor at the University of Minnesota and Ali’s advisor. He runs the Lion Research Center has been studying lions out in the Serengeti for decades. He has radio collars on lions in many prides, which allows him to keep track of lots individual lions over many years.

This is Daniel:


And this…

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