Did you know that gray isn’t the only color on the moon? Some day it would be good to go back and see what other colors besides orange we can find. It’s not a small moon.
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Moon Zoo

Coloured soil on the Moon is unusual. Apollo 15 found green glass deposits but mostly the Moon is a variety of greys and browns. Jack Schmitt, a geologist, was, therefore, understandably elated to discover something very different – and orange. This is how Schmitt told Cernan what he had found:

SCHMITT There is orange soil!
CERNAN Well, don’t move it ’till I see it.
SCHMITT It’s all over, orange!
CERNAN Don’t move it ’till I see it.
SCHMITT I stirred it up with my feet.
CERNAN Hey it is, I can see it from here.
SCHMITT It’ s orange!
CERNAN Wait a minute, let me put my visor up, it’s
still orange!
SCHMITT Sure is. Crazy! Orange!
(from the Apollo Mission Transcripts)

Listen to and watch the discovery here.

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

The patch of soil was the result of fire fountains of volcanic lava which cool before…

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