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Next Tuesday, I’m Voting to Reelect President Obama

Starting several months ago, I explained that I moved away from my early 2012 search for a different candidate and decided I’d be donating to the Obama campaign as well as voting for him. If there’s even one undecided voter reading this blog, I’d like to explain again why I’m voting for President Obama, despite a number of serious policy differences with him.

Daily Beast blogger Andrew Sullivan does an excellent job of laying out rationale I agree with in a post called “The Moral Case for Obama.” The short version is:

  • President Obama is working towards Universal Health Care. Sullivan wants to see a Massachusetts model, I want single payer. But the President is going in a direction both of us want. Governor Romney and the Republicans want to repeal what little progress has been made. They talk about “Repeal and Replace”, but haven’t been specific about what would be replaced or how they would pay for it.
  • President Obama has publicly renounced waterboarding and tactics generally considered torture. Governor Romney wants to bring these tactics back AND the Bush security team that created them in the first place. I’m not embracing anyone who will bring back torture.
  • While both President Obama and Governor Romney have unacceptably low bars for a “pre-emptive” invasion against Iran, President Obama’s is higher than Romney’s. Also, not only are 17 of 24 of Romney’s foreign policy advisers holdovers from the GWB administration that brought us Iraq, but Romney has called Cheney a “person of wisdom and judgment.” The man who moved heaven and earth to attack a country with no role in 9/11. A country that not only did not have nuclear weapons as he claimed, but no nuclear program at all. The man who more anyone, stained our country with officially sanctioned torture – “person of wisdom and judgment.” Embracing the Cheney legacy ought to be disqualification enough.

To these reasons I add the President’s support for equal rights for gays and lesbians. He followed through on working with Congress to repeal don’t ask, don’t tell. His administration dropped its defense of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), an act so obviously unconstitutional and anti-states rights that even deeply conservative judges rule against it. While the President has no legislative role, he has come to embrace marriage equality in a convincing way. Governor Romney and Congressional Republicans not only want to insert the Federal government against marriage equality, they want to return to the days when we wasted military resources attempting to purge the services of gay and lesbian members.

If you agree with the above but are considering voting for Romney because he’ll create more jobs than Obama, consider this: Romney’s publicly disclosed plans of less regulation and lower taxes for the wealthy is exactly what George W. Bush promised in 2001 and 2005. Congress went along, we implemented his program. The program that is basically Romney’s program – compare Bush 2004 to Romney 2012 if you don’t believe me. We implemented the main points of Romney’s plan and got the crash of 2008 for our trouble. Please, please, don’t take us down that road again! Vote for President Obama.


4 Responses

  1. I am voting for President Obama for all your reasons, in addition to women’s issues. I am old enough to remember what the 50’s were like, with backstreet abortions, not much in the way of contraception, women with college degrees being asked how fast they could type, and I’d been convinced there was a reason for men to be paid more — after all they were supporting children. I had four children — I was supporting them too. Took me a while to wake up. So much women take for granted these days. I don’t want my granddaughters to go through those times again. Imagine Romney having to go through binders full of women, he didn’t “know” anybody he deemed competent.

    Romney pretends compassion for the poor — Obama is genuine and understands the problems of those who don’t have uber-rich parents.

  2. If Romney were president, our country would be the laughingstock of the world, and the only people laughing would be the greedy 1% who own everything. People- don’t waste your vote! Not only will Romney outsource more jobs to China, the “thinking” countries won’t be inclined to do business with a Bush re-do nutcase. Our export trade will go down, our economy will be at peril on so many levels. We will alienate the world.

    In my work, as we speak, there are engineers from other countries being employed here in the USA. Why? Because our educational system and high cost of college, we don’t produce enough qualified workers. Even if you don’t “believe” in public schools preferring home school, that’s great, I home schooled my kids, but what happens afterwards? Would you like them to get work that pays a decent living or $10/hour, working two jobs, to support their families, and one day, how will they help you – their aging parents? Romney has no interest at all in helping VA benefits and making college affordable for America’s future. He and his cohorts want dumb Americans. Vote for Obama for the future of our country, you, and your children.

  3. I am also voting for President Obama for the above reasons and for your stated reasons. I fear that if the Republicans win, we will have a war. We need to have intelligence and diplomatic skill to get along peacefully with the rest of the world. I also support President Obama
    with his plans for the environment. In February I will have four grandchildren and I, too, care about the future of our world for them.

  4. In April, I decided that the lumbar epidural I received would be my last — too expensive for the little relief it gave. My next epidural would have been scheduled for July or August. I could be one of those who have gotten sick and died because of the meningitis caused by the “less regulated” companies in Mitt Romney’s state of Massachusetts. Romney wants to have less regulations for all corporations country-wide. I will not vote for Romney/Ryan!

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