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Election Day Is November 6 — Are You Prepared?

Courtesy of USA.gov:

The general election is less than two weeks away. Here are some resources to help you prepare for election day on November 6:

Polling Location, Required ID, and Other Election Day Information
 — Confirm your polling location and hours; know what kinds of identification you’ll need to show; and more.

Voter Registration — In most states, the deadline for registering to vote has passed, but some states do allow in-person registration on election day. Check the rules for your state. If you’ve already registered, but wish to verify your registration, contact your state election office.

Research Candidates and Ballot Measures — Get resources to help you learn more about candidates’ views and voting history. In addition to voting for candidates, you may be presented with ballot measures that impact your state or local community. Check your state election office for a sample ballot and information about any ballot measures.

Track Fundraising and Spending — You can search for individual contributors to presidential candidates; review spending by state and district; see reports on spending by Super PACS and other independent groups; and more.

Report Voter Intimidation — There have been reports of fraudulent letters and phone calls that seek to intimidate voters and prevent them from casting a ballot. If this happens to you, report it immediately.

Voting and Elections on USA.gov — Get additional voting resources, including information about volunteering and contributing to the election process; learning more about voting and elections; and contacting elected officials.

For Alaska specific resources, including our general election pamphlet, see http://www.elections.alaska.gov/index.php.




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  1. I voted early… Make sure and read your election ballot ahead, so you aren’t confused about the ballot measures and how to vote for the judges.

  2. Good advice. With the redistricting, it took me awhile to find my sample ballot. Thanks for sharing — and for voting!

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