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Book Review: Team Human

Awhile back I finished reading:

Larbalestier, Justine, and Sarah Rees Brennan. 2012. Team Human. New York: HarperTeen.

I was very happy with this book. It was a fast, self-consistent read. The main characters in this book are mostly teenagers, and with few exceptions, talk and act like teenagers. Smart teens, but still teens.

Team Human deals with an alternate reality where vampires are an accepted, if not particularly loved, part of society. Vampires eat at blood banks rather than upon necks — most of them anyway. Some humans admire vampires so much, they want to become vampires themselves.

This world has actual clinics where people can go to become vampires. It is not a light decision as a fifth of all attempts to create vampires wind up killing the patient or turning him/her into a flesh eating zombie.

The story itself focuses around Mel, a girl who never wants to be vampire, and her best friend Cathy, who is interested in the lifestyle after falling in love with the new vampire student. We also hear a lot from Kit, a human raised by vampires after being abandoned. Kit is lucky in many ways – some vampires consider abandoned babies snacks.

The last sentence reminds me of another reason I enjoyed this book. The vampires of Larbalestier and Brennan come in all types – good, evil, crazed and just plain indifferent.

Hopefully I’ve peaked your interest. Sorry for the short review, but I actually read it a few months ago and didn’t write the review when the book was fresh in my mind.


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  1. I loved that book! Sarah Rees Brennan’s Demon’s Lexicon trilogy is also a great read.

  2. Demon’s Lexicon is what hooked me on Sarah Rees Brennan. If you search for it on this blog, you’ll find my series review.

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