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Don’t Take Chances: Check Your Voter Registration

Fellow Alaskans, you must be registered by October 7th to vote in this year’s November election for state and federal offices. The Presidency and control of the national and State senates are also at stake.

Don’t assume that you are currently registered at the correct address. Use this free tool from the Division of Elections to make sure. As a bonus, you’ll get the address of your local polling place, which may have changed since 2008.

Not registered or registered at the wrong address? Go to the elections voter registration page and get that taken care of!

Don’t live in Alaska and want voter information for your own state? Check with your State election office or USA.gov’s voter registration page. You should also check on the id (photo and otherwise) requirements for your state. The National Conference of State Legislatures has a nice interactive map of id requirements.

Don’t be surprised and angered on Election Day. Take care of things now.

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