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President Obama, I’m in

The Supreme Court’s affirmation of the Affordable Care Act, and the subsequent reaction to the rule by Mitt Romney and the Congressional Republicans has finally given me the enthusiasm for President Obama’s reelection that I had been lacking. I can now vote FOR Obama rather than simply AGAINST Romney (which in my view would have required marking the ballot for Obama).

The choice is made very clear. If you support these measures:

List of benefits under the Affordable Care Act

then you need to vote for President Obama, in part because his veto of repeal may be needed.

If you want repeal and go back to having children rejected coverage for preexisting conditions, reopen the donut hole for seniors and other conditions the Affordable Care Act has or is scheduled to remedy, then vote for Mitt Romney.

I’m personally for single payer and don’t think the Affordable Care Act goes far enough. But it is a good start on making sure more people have health coverage and that they’re not chained to a specific job to maintain coverage. That deserves protection and that’s why I’ve set up a monthly recurring donation to the Obama campaign now through November.


2 Responses

  1. I agree with you, I would much prefer to see single payer, but, this is heading in the right direction. And if Rep. Young votes to overturn this, I hope the voters become aware of his actions.

  2. I agree with you, Single Payer is the most efficient system, but at this time the ACA will have to do. There is an enormous amount of work to be done, so let’s go! We must not merely vote Obama/Biden, but vote the democratic ticket all the way to the local levels. Otherwise it does not carry from the federal to state and local governance.


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