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DBAA: Unclaimed Property Searchable Database

On the Alaska page of the State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States Project, the Department of Revenue only has one database represented:

Unclaimed Property Searchable Database – Does Alaska owe you or your business money? Search this database by name to find out. Alaska has partnered with missingmoney.com as part of a national unclaimed property database.

If you are aware of other, publically searchable databases produced by the Alaska Department of Revenue, please let me know. I’m still very much engaged in keeping the Alaska databases page up to date.

Update 6/10/2012: Based on Mary Pittman’s comment below, here’s a link to the Alaska Court Directory, which has contacts for Clerks of Court within Alaska. For other states, a search engine search in the form of [state] “clerk of court” or [county name] “clerk of court” ought to bring up appropriate contact information.


2 Responses

  1. Counties can also have unclaimed property listings such as overages from tax deed sales, foreclosures, and more. These monies are usually not turned over to the state and have a limited time for people to file before the county takes the money.
    Most people do not realize that anything above what they owe on a foreclosure or tax deed sale belongs to them. This is a favorite source of funds for professional finders as the people will not find the listings when they search the state site.
    If you could include contact info for each clerk of court office, that would be helpful to people.

  2. Hi Mary, Alaska has boroughs rather than counties, although your point is well taken. I’ve added information on where people can find local clerks of court in Alaska and elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by.

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