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Would You Vote for Anti-Abortion Obama?

Based on the strong “grow up!” style comments on my last blog entry, I want to ask the following question:

Suppose that President Obama did all of the same things since taking office except for:

– He threw his support behind a Republican “life begins at conception” Constitutional amendment.

– He armtwisted Congressional Democrats into removing contraception coverage.

Everything else was exactly the same. Would you still vote to re-elect President Obama and how enthusiastic would you be about doing so? Please comment.

To keep this post focused on topic, any comments to this post that don’t answer the question above will be deleted without being read.

If you’d like to ineffectively lecture me on the need to be on fire for the President, please comment on the last blog entry. You can also use that entry for more supportive comments.


10 Responses

  1. It is a huge mistake to be one-issue voters. One must look at the total person and his/her skill sets to make a decision. I would never vote for or against a politician based on one issue just so I could feel self-righteous. I would then do all that I could to influence the outcome on the one issue upon which we disagree. Isn’t that the intelligent, mature way to vote?

  2. I agree with ‘Wakeup’. I would still prefer a President who could work the best with world leaders, represent our country and make the best decisions. I would not vote for a Hawkish president. I fear war and I would also vote for the person who has the most concern for social justice and equal rights. I would not vote for someone who works against the rights of immigrants. I would not vote for someone who puts the rights of business over the rights of the environment. The predicament you describe will never happen because of Michelle, Malia, Sasha, his sister and his mother-in-law. He will always support the interests of women’s health and women’s rights to make their own decisions over their own bodies.

  3. I give up. Either you’ve got the comments moderated (in which, pick your favorite–I ended up saying slightly different things), or WordPress is busted.

  4. No – I wouldn’t. In fact, the only reason I plan to vote for President Obama again is because he didn’t cave to the Catholic bishops on contraceptive coverage.

    If he had caved into them, I simply would not have bothered to vote in the next presidential election.

    I’m not a one issue voter, but women’s reproductive rights is my number one issue.

  5. That would not be possible, because Obama is pro-person, rather than doing his best to offend women, the poor, the disenfranchised, and the LGBT community.

    Having grown up in an age, where contraception was far less available and far different, and when women were injured and often died from back-street abortions, where the fight for civil rights was still in the future, and LGBT were still closeted, I know what core values our president should have!

    Given a choice between somebody who is pro-woman (letting her make her own choices in regard to her body) or pro-enslaving women (where women don’t have choices and men and the government made her choices for her, even in the case of rape, medical needs, or whatever), for civil rights for all including the LGBT community, or is for limiting the civil rights one does not agree with, one who wants to help make education available to everyone who wants an education or one who wants to make education available only to the wealthy, for me there is only one choice.

    A president is not all-powerful and cannot make laws (Congress’s job, which they have not done in the past two years — where one party just knows one word, “NO”) — therefore my choice would always be for a president who wants a government of inclusion and who wants to represent all the people of the United States, to make this country great again for all people, instead of a president for the wealthy and the right wing Religious political groups.

  6. If the President had run on an anti abortion platform he would not have won the nomination over Hillary – so the question is moot.

    If the choice is anti-abortion party vs anti-abortion party presumably another issue would impact one’s vote – probably the gop’s war on women.

  7. Coral, this is the only comment I got from you.

  8. I would have to ask myself, why would President Obama echo Mitt Romney and flip flop so publicly about a social conscience stance? Then I’d have to ask myself wny would he “armtwist” others to defund contraception coverage in his signature achievement, the ACA?

    I’d have to conclude there has been a “Dave” style avatar substituted for the real Barack Obama, to serve at the whims of, apparently, much more socially conservative “men behind the curtain”.

    In that case, even Buddy Roemer is a better alternative to vote for rather than this avatar character.


    Seriously, I agree with Carol Ann Dellmann’s assessment of what’s really important: a president who stands firm on many socially responsible positions as well as maintaining a highly regarded stance on foreign policy issues.

    In other words, your hypothetical isn’t likely, therefore my vote this November is the same as it was before you asked the questions.

  9. @Carol Ann Dellman, you say you “would not vote for someone who works against the rights of immigrants.”

    You realize that Obama has deported more undocumented immigrants than any other president — more than double the annual average of George W. Bush’s first term? And while his stated policy in speeches is that we should be focusing on undocumented immigrants who commit serious crimes, the Secure Communities program, which he vastly expanded and which his administration has prevented states from opting out of, has been used as a tool to deport huge numbers of undocumented immigrants who have either committed misdemeanors or simply been picked up for Driving While Brown.

    In other words, there isn’t a candidate running in this election who does not work against the rights of immigrants.

  10. All – Thanks for your comments, particularly WakeUpAmerica. I appreciate the expansion of your thought processes.

    Carol – the point of this fictitious figure was to give people a chance to at least imagine my dismay. Several of you asserted that President Obama would NEVER become in favor of abortion. I agree with you. It’s just in 2008 I also thought he could never become in favor of the PATRIOT Act or an advocate against prosecuting torturers and the telecoms who spied on us illegally. And yet, he did.

    To people who say the President isn’t all powerful – you’re right. I’ve never asked him to be. I wanted vetoes on bills that further infringe civil liberties and extend damaging tax cuts. That was within his power to choose. I wanted him to instruct his Attorney General to undertake a careful and transparent investigation of the previous administration’s torturers and their enablers in the White House. As the Justice Department is an Executive Branch agency, this is within the President’s power to do. Not only did not do this, but he used the power of his office to block investigations into torture.

    Based on the President’s statements during the campaign I had expectations of his actions that were well within his Constitutional powers. On civil liberties and torture he reversed himself on nearly everything. The only thing that hurts more than that betrayal is Obama partisans claiming his hands were tied by Congress. Congress can override his veto, but they have no power to make him sign legislation he doesn’t assent to. That’s the way the Constitution works.

    To be clear – despite my dismay at the President’s record on civil liberties, I do intend to vote for him in November. I think he will be a better President that Mitt Romney. The President doesn’t torture and Romney has indicated he will return to it. President Obama supports gay rights with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t tell and is now in front of the fight for marriage equality. Romney wants to try and stuff people back into the closet and that isn’t acceptable.

    Although Obama will be a better president than Romey, I just don’t have the same enthusiasm that I had for him in 2008 and I don’t think it’s fair or productive to ask me or other reluctant Obama voters to do so.

    Absent more comments, this will probably be my last post on presidential politics for awhile, but I’ll be writing against Romney and for Obama in the fall.

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