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Book Review: Burn Out by Marcia Muller

Review of:

Muller, Marcia. (2008). Burn out. New York: Grand Central Pub.

Burn Out is the 25th book by Marcia Muller to feature private investigator Sharon McCone. This was an accidental read for me. I had just purchased my Nook Tablet and I was looking to see how it handled library books. So I went to Listen Alaska Plus and searched for ebooks in the mystery genre. Burn Out just happened to be the first one available for download, so I downloaded it.

It was a happy accident. Each page I read kept me interested. The book begins with a very burned out Ms. McCone hanging out at her husband’s ranch. She’s been there five months after a traumatic case and has been trying to consider her next steps. She’d been getting nowhere until a murder case involving a relative of a family friend. Drawn into the case pretty much against her will, it turns out to do positive things for her.

The book is plotted well, the main characters are fleshed out and the various relationships are believable. If you like mysteries and strong female leads, this book might be for you. I was impressed enough that I’m going to track down the other books in the series.


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  1. Many years ago I read her books, then did a shift to more non-fiction books. I really did enjoy her stories, though. Thanks for the reminder. I will find this book. I’m in the mood for some lighter reading.

  2. I jump between fiction (usually sci-fi or mystery) and nonfiction on a regular basis. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I try to stop by at least every week. I really enjoyed your “Constitution Monday” series and modified it for my classroom.

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