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Video: Matanuska, Alaska, 1937?

Click on the photo above to watch an hour and fifteen minute video of silent film from the Matanuska Colony in Alaska from the 1930s. According to the National Archives record for this item:

On the town of Matanuska. Reel 1, a train arrives and passengers detrain. Reel 2 shows a house under construction, a farmer plowing, and views of cafes, a store, and the post office. Reel 3 shows views of the post office and a grocery store. Reel 4 shows the Matanuska Valley Pioneer office. Twin babies are weighed and measured in a hospital. Reel 5, people dance at a community hall. The volunteer fire department fights a fire. Reel 6, horses and mules are unloaded from box cars and auctioned. Reel 7 shows a pioneer family in and around its log cabin. Reel 8, baseball is played before a large crowd. A man dives and swims. Includes shots of puppies.

The puppies and a cute kitty can be found around the 1:05:00 mark.

This video is in the public domain and so can be reused and remixed freely. The video can be downloaded in wmv format for import into editing programs.

The National Archives version of this film does not support embedding. If you find a version that does, leave the URL in comments and I’ll put an embeddable version here.

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