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DBAA: Permit/Vessel Database

Our next stop on the Alaska page of the State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States Project is:

Permit/Vessel Database – This Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission database allows you to get information on fishing vessels working in Alaska as well as fishing permit holders. The database can be searched in many ways including by company/fisher name, home port zip code, vessel name, type of fishery and more. Data is also available as CSV downloads.

Last week I promised a database where you can learn the name of Todd Palin’s fishing boat and find information about his fishing permits. This is the database. I decided to use Todd Palin for two reasons – 1) He is a public figure whose life has been mostly (in my view) picked apart already and 2) I’m not too proud to admit that my blog stats still usually double at the mention of the word “Palin.” Though this will likely be the exception because “Palin” doesn’t appear in the title and it wouldn’t be fair to put it there.

Enough with the self-serving digression. When you first enter this database, notice the line of tabs running across the top – permits, vessels, charters, intents, yearly csv and help. The database initially puts you in the “permits” tab. There are spaces for first name and last name. Using Todd and Palin, we get 36 hits dating back to 1984. To see what and where he fished, mouse over the highlighted code in the first column. For example, in 2011 mousing over the highlighted S04T, we see that Todd’s permit was Salmon, Set Gillnet, Bristol Bay.

Now click on the “Vessels” tap near the top of the screen. Putting in Todd and Palin for first and last names, we find three records, all referring to the 22 foot alluminum hulled “Fish Track”, homeported in Dillingham.

Next week we leave the world of celebrity fishermen and go to the Fish Counts Database.

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