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Video: North Carolina Hospital Vacation

This is my first xtranormal video. I was inspired to learn about this site by this article in the journal Computers in Libraries:

Ekart, Donna F. 2012. “tech tips for every librarian: Extensibility.” Computers In Libraries 32, no. 2: 38-39. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed March 24, 2012).*

One line in the article that especially spoke to me was:

“Librarianship is the ultimate extensible profession,” wrote Fiona Bradley in a recent Semantic Library post. “We have been given the knowledge and tools to learn for ourselves throughout our career.”

I feel this is true and think most of my professional colleagues know it as well.

It was in the spirit of extensibility that Donna Ekart learned how to do xtranormal videos and write up a tutorial for the rest of us. She also plans to learn at least one new thing a month and share that knowledge with her readers. I’m looking forward to what else she has to say.

If you’re wondering “Why North Carolina?” It’s because I thought this learning experience could double as a promo for the State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States project I work with.

If you just happen to like this video and an Alaska database enough that you’d like to see it get the xtranormal treatment, leave me a comment and an odd situation where someone might need to use that database.

*If you live in Alaska, you ought to be able to read this article online through the Digital Pipeline. If not, fill out the form at http://alaskalibrarynetwork.org/get-help/.


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  1. Awfully good for a first effort!

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