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Photos: Like a duck to water

Like a duck to water by AlaskanLibrarian
Like a duck to water, a photo by AlaskanLibrarian on Flickr.

Upated 3/18/2012 – As Otto states in comments, the bird in the water is a Canadian Goose. I regret the misidentification.

One of my few consolations after my mother’s death in 2006 was to visit the Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge in California.

That is where I took this picture of a duck swimming in one of the ponds on the grounds of the gardens. Click through to Flickr for more photos or visit http://descansogardens.org to plan your visit.


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  1. That’s not a duck, that’s a Canada goose.

  2. Daniel, you need to get out of the library more often.

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