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New Photo Blog on Tumblr

One of the occupational hazards of being a modern technology/digital resources librarian is the compulsion to experiment with “new to him/her” technologies. I like to think I keep a good handle on this most of the time, but this week is not “most of the time.”

I decided to start playing around with Tumblr and so far it seems to be a superior platform for blogging photos from Flickr than WordPress is. One special thing I like is that the blogging to Tumblr app on Flickr imports my Flickr tags to my Tumblr tags. When I blog a photo to WordPress from within Flickr, the category is listed as “uncategorized” and stays that way until I log into WordPress itself and fix it.

You can find my photo blog at http://alaskanlibrarian.tumblr.com/. It is titled “Photos by an Alaskan” and the intention is that it will be about 90% photos with a little bit of tumblr style reblogging and the occasional Q&A. If you’re a user on Tumblr and enjoy my photos, I encourage you to follow me.

I’ve posted links to the tumblr blog on this site.

My opening of the Tumblr blog doesn’t mean that photos here will entirely stop. Nor does it mean that I’m shutting down this blog. At least not any time soon.



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  1. The other advantage that “Tumblr in Flickr” has over “WordPress in Flickr” is that I can blog photos to my Tumblr queue to be posted twice an evening. Photos I post into WordPress appear immediately.

    When I write blog posts, I tend to write two or more at the same time and I like being able to put photos in a queue.

    On the other hand, as far as I can tell, Tumblr doesn’t permit replies to one’s one blog. To respond to a comment you need to either edit your existing entry or start a new one. I like the way WordPress handles comments better.

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