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DBAA: Contaminated Sites Program Database Search

Our next stop on the Alaska page of the State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States Project is:

Contaminated Sites Program Database Search – Database of Contaminated Sites and Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (UST). Searchable by facility name, address, borough, city, zip code and status. Database entries include extensive site reports and contact information for responsible personnel.

Results list includes hazard ID, site name, location, status, file id, closure details, open sites with institutional controls and cleanup chronology. The last three items are clickable, when listed.

Searching my home zip code of 99824 brought up eight records, including four listed as open cases.

The cleanup chronology lists the initial problem plus actions and status updates.

Here’s the problem statement from the cleanup chronology of the Treadwell Mine Complex, which is adjacent to Sandy Beach in Douglas:

From 1891 until 1922 the Alaska Treadwell Gold Mining Company managed the mine complex, which was operated by three financially separate mining companies.  Ready Bullion Mine and 700 Foot Mine were operated by the Alaska United Gold Mining Company; Mexican Mine, operated by the Alaska Mexican mining Company; and Treadwell Mine of the Treadwell Gold Mining Company.  The four mines produced a total of 20.7 million tons of gold-bearing ore during their operations years.  Pit mining was utilized at first, although by 1906 all mining activities were being conducted in underground tunnels. Mined ore was brought to the surface by a central hoist and distributed to the separate mills on the shore of Gastineau Channel. The Mill Sites of concern for this contaminated site record include: the 300 Treadwell Stamp Mill Site adjacent to Sandy Beach and the former Concentrating House; the 240 Treadwell Stamp Mill Site located next to the powerhouse site and below the Glory Hole (Fed by Paris Creek); the 700-Foot Mine Mill Site located below the foot trail and above Gastineau Channel and the The Ready Bullion Mill located south and east along Gastineau Channel beyond the Mexican Mine, away from Douglas. Milling operations included both mercury and cyanide ore processing and if present in the tailings may present an exposure risk. Versar Inc. January 1989 Report states that tailings have trace amounts of mercury that are tightly bound to beach sediments and metals and cyanide in the Cyanide Mill tailings are relatively immobile and do not appear the pose a threat to the environment.  “No further action is recommended for the Douglas tailings.”Hazard ID 25594 (file no. 1538.38.007) was created on 12/16/10 to track information on all portions of the Treadwell Mine Complex, except the Mexican Mine Mill Tailings site.  For all work recorded for the Mexican Mine Mill Tailings portion of the complex, refer to Hazard ID 405 (file no. 1538.38.001).

The entire database may be downloaded as excel spreadsheets, though this may mean that the cleanup chronologies may not be included. Haven’t downloaded the entire database to be sure.

Next week we’ll see how to search food permits.

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