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Martin Luther King, Jr on Lunch Counter Sit Ins


This is a 1960 “Meet the Press” interview with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The interview focuses on the lunch counter sit in campaigns. This was a targeted campaign where a specific group of people performed a particular nonviolent action that opened them up to arrest.  Think of it as a very focused and disciplined version of the Occupy movement.

The interview touched on a number of issues. Here are some approximate timestamps of topics I think will be of interest to readers:

8:30 – Voter registration and the then current “mass of red tape” needed to register.

11:30 – An appeal to moral law as superseding unjust manmade law

14:30 – The inevitable accusation of communism.

15:30 – Discussion of interracial marriage and of Southern fears that integration would lead to more of it. King calls it an individual matter.

If there’s parts of the video that you find interesting or useful in today’s climate, please leave a comment with an approximate time stamp.


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  1. Martin Luther KIng’s words and demeanor are highly admirable and impressive. I wish that today’s politicians could watch this interview and try to be more thoughtful and intelligent.

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