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DBAA: Alaska District Contact Information

Our next stop on the Alaska page of the State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States Project is:

Alaska District Contact Information – Drop down search for school district contact information.

Pretty simple database. Here’s a sample record for Skagway:

Skagway School District

P.O. Box 497

Skagway, AK  99840

Telephone: (907) 983-2960

Fax: (907) 983-2964

District E-Mail: jthielbar@skagwayschool.org

Website: www.skagwayschool.org/

Superintendent: Jefferie  Thielbar, Superintendent

E-Mail: jthielbar@skagwayschool.org

School Board President: Darren Belisle

Next week we will find a way to locate Fairbanks newspaper articles from 1900-1975.

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