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Suggestions on Alaska Literature

Last week I received a comment on the “about” page asking me about literary books on Alaska. Being more acquainted with Alaskan nonfiction than fiction, here’s what I offered in an e-mail to the commentor:

If you’re looking for literature, I’d like to point you towards three bibliographies that recommend many different types of Alaska books
Some Books about Alaska (1994-2000)
This was an effort to highlight high quality books on Alaska. There is a separate publication for each year.
Alaskana for Libraries : A Core List of Books (1993) http://library.state.ak.us/pdf/alaskanaforlibraries.pdf
From the publication, “This publication is an annotated list of over 400 books on Alaska which the Alaskana Working Group recommends be considered first for any Alaskana collection in public libraries.”
It’s not really literature per se or very broad in scope, but I really enjoyed:
Proenneke, Richard, and Sam Keith. 1999. One man’s wilderness: an Alaskan  odyssey. Anchorage: Alaska Northwest Books. You can see what libraries own this item at http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/39724113.
If you enjoy mysteries, many people recommend the works of Dana Stabenow. You can find of a list of her novels at http://www.stabenow.com/novels.
I know that the people who read this blog include a fair number of Alaskans. What books would you recommend to someone Outside wanting to explore Alaska through fiction, aside from James Michener’s Alaska, which she knows about?
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