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A New Book Blog: There are No Trees in Barrow

I think I’ve mentioned here that I spent November 2011 writing up a nonfiction book for National Novel Writing Month. After several previous titles and with a nod at the errors in the first edition of the graphic novel “30 Days of Night” I wound up calling it “There are no trees in Barrow: A writer’s guide to government information.”

While the manuscript has a LONG way to go before it becomes a viable product, I think the writing/editing process and book’s resources are worth sharing. So I established its very own blog at http://therearenotreesinbarrow.wordpress.com/.

It will be focused on book excerpts, milestones (if any) in the production of the book,  occaisional reflections on information resources not in the in book, and thoughts on how I’m finding the writing/editing process.

Despite the title of the manuscript, there won’t be much Alaska content in this book. There will be a little and I’ll probably cross post those resources here.

If you’re here in part because you have an interest in government information, hop on over.

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