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Presenting My Public Facebook Page

After some thought I have established a Facebook “fan page” for myself at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daniel-Cornwall-Librarian/147356955366122 that will focus on the professional side of my life. Should you be here primarily to hear about library and government information resources, I invite to check out this page. You don’t have to be a Facebook member to view the page, but if you are a Facebook member you can like the page and get a politics/religion free feed of items. “Liking” the page also allows you to comment on my items.

The content of the Facebook page will be a mix of links to things I find interesting in a professional or hobby sense, plus some longer items excerpted from my current writing project, a writer’s guide to government information. I’m writing the bulk of this book during this month (National Novel Writing Month), but I expect the project to keep me busy for at least a year (assuming I don’t drop it).  There may also be some commentary on library items from time to time. If there’s a way to plug in a RSS feed from it, I may do that once I decide to drop the “We are the 99%” photo feed. Not that I’m there yet.

If you happen to be a fan of the Alaska Agency Databases series, those posts aren’t moving. Future installments will stay on Alaskan Librarian. Likewise with political/religious/personal posts once I get around to doing them again.

See you here and/or on Facebook. If you’re in the North like I am, stay warm!

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