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DBAA: Community Infrastructure Plans Library

Today’s Alaska agency database from the Alaska page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is:

  • Community Infrastructure Library (CIL) – From the website, “Contains a variety of community infrastructure and project development documents for bulk fuel, energy, marine, multi-use, sanitation, washeteria, and other public services.Database is searchable by  community, year, or plan type.  Search results are available via PDF document download or email notification.

Infrastructure covers a wide range of topics. You can get a sense of the variety of topics by going to the database and searching for infrastructure plans for Juneau. As of this writting this produced three results:

  • Downtown Tourism Transportation Study 2003
  • Juneau Juneau Area Mass-Wasting & Snow Avalanche Hazard Analysis 1992
  • Juneau Juneau Parking Study 1999

In case you’re wondering, “mass-wasting” turns out to be avalanches not caused by snow (i.e. rock, mud, etc).

Next week we’ll see how you can verify that an Alaskan professional has a valid license to practice their trade.

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