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DBAA: Community Plans Library

Today’s Alaska agency database from the Alaska page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is:

  • Community Plans Library (CPL) – From the website, “Contains standard community planning documents including comprehensive, capital improvement, land use, strategic, transportation, vision, and other community planning documents.” Database is searchable by  community, year, or plan type.  Search results are available via PDF document download or email notification.

Unless you are one of the few policy wonks who read this blog, I bet your eyes glazed over when you saw the words, “Community Plans Library.” If you’re interested in Alaskan history and local conditions and values, they really ought to stay open. Community plans often have at least a few pages of community history that may not be available elsewhere. In addition, there will also be information about the local economy, issues of concern to that community and basic information about subsistence activity, if any.

For an example, go to the databases and choose Akutan as a community. Then choose “community plan” as plan type. This will give you the 2005 Akutan Community Plan as a PDF file. On page 21 of the PDF file, you’ll find two pages of history. On page 23 of the PDF file is a population table going back to 1890.

Page 33 of the PDF file is a one page summary on subsistence, which includes this excerpt from a 1990 subsistence study done in Akutan:

The ADF&G estimates show that, on average, Akutan residents consume 466 pounds per person of subsistence- based foods. The 466 pounds includes an estimated 31 percent non-salmon fish, 26 percent salmon, 23 percent marine mammals, 6 percent land mammals, 6 percent birds and eggs, 6 percent marine invertebrates, and 2 percent vegetation. The non-salmon fish were primarily groundfish, including halibut, cod and rockfish.

Page 37 of PDF file shows a land use map of Akutan with major landmarks pointed out. A listing of reference resources used in preparing this plan is on pages 74-75 of the PDF file. Community Plans are like an “information concentrate” on a community and well worth checking out.

Next week we’ll check out community infrastructure plans.

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