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Picture: Bible Debunks Marriage ALLWAYS 1M1W

The Bible prescribes a number of different valid marriage arrangments.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” says the cliche. Here’s a compact graphic that links specific Bible passages (many of them from Mosaic law) with differing marriage arrangements. Up until New Testament times, One Man/One Woman was only one of several “God-Approved” living arrangements for families. Anyone, whether a politician or a Bishop, who tells you that “Marriages has always and only been between one man and one woman” is either ignorant of the Bible or lying to you.


4 Responses

  1. I like how you spelled “always.” LOL That’s ok. I spelled “unique” with a “g” instead of a “q” today.

  2. I can envision right wing heads popping like a steamroller over bubble wrap!!

  3. I thought this sums it up pretty well, too:
    Marriage is between a Man and a Woman, unless you are Solomon. Then, “Marriage is between a man, 700 women, and 300 concubines!”

  4. And not to mention in Alaska you can also marry your first cousin – now that’s preserving family values, at least genetically…

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