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DBAA: Capital Projects Database

Today’s Alaska agency database from the Alaska page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is:

  • Capital Projects Database – The Capital Projects Database contains descriptions, funding levels and status for over 16,000 capital projects in Alaska communities. Information is searchable by community only. Multiple communities can be selected and exported to Excel.

The database front page includes this note:

Caution! The list of funded capital projects is not complete because some agencies do not furnish data to our division. Moreover, only capital projects that relate to infrastructure, public facilities or publicly owned equipment are involved if the cost exceeds $10,000.

Records include the following fields: Lead agency, fiscal year funded, project description, project stage, agency cost, total cost, grant schedule and project owner.

A search on Bethel found these recently funded projects:

  • Long Term Care Facility Legislative Grant – construction of a new 18 bed facility; previous funding $8,695,000; completion in 2011
  • Fire Station Repairs/Upgrades Legislative – new boilers, windows, doors, sprinkler system, security system, lift station, carpet, kitchen cabinets and counters, outdoor electric outlets for vehicle block heaters, garage doors, gear racks, wiring, plumbing pipes, and wall covering.
  • Sewer system upgrades at the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta Regional Hospital in Bethel, Alaska.

 Next week we’ll visit an old friend, the Alaska Communities Database, the power behind the community descriptions in my Three Books on .. series.

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