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Sarah Palin: Wasting Time Worrying About the Future

We interrupt our regularly scheduled “Databases by Alaskan Agencies (DBAA)” broadcast to bring you a moment of self-reflection.

You shouldn’t spend time stressing about the future because you cannot know its shape. Case in point. Back in June 2010 I was terrified that Sarah Palin was going to run for President. There were so many ways that I thought she would be bad for the country that I couldn’t stop thinking about non-violent information fueled ways to see her stopped. Between thinking and writing, I think that I must have put 20 hours into two posts I finally drafted out on June 7, 2010 and which have stayed in my drafts folder ready to drag out at a moment’s notice:

  • Sarah Palin has Declared – Next Steps
  • Why Sarah Palin Should NOT be President

Now I just need to hit the delete button. Remember the future is fluid. Deal with the present and the future will attend to itself.

The write up of the Capital Projects Database will take place tomorrow.

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