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DBAA: Business License Search

Today’s Alaska agency database from the Alaska page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is:

  • Business License Search – Over 100,000 business licenses that can be searched by line of business, business or owner name, license number, city, zip and whether license is active. Database is also available for download.

Records include the owner’s name, physical and mailing addresses, and the specific line of business. Doing a search for manufacturers in Juneau brought up 470 results, including my favorite business name – “A TREE HUGGER’S WIFE YARNS.”  Ninety-eight of these manufacturers hold current licenses.

If you choose a line of business, the screen will refresh and give you an opportunity to choose a more specific line of business in the NAIC (North American Industry Classification) field.

Next week we’ll visit the resource that will show you what government has built or will build in your community.

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