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Writing Excercise: Clear Skies T-Shirts All iDevices

Fearing that this blog is becoming all government information all the time, I’ve decided to start occasionally sharing the results of writing exercises that I’ve been doing for a month or so now as a result of interactions with my Saturday writing group. These are fiction writing exercises inspired by the “play games” section of Holly Lisle’s Ten Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice. I say “inspired by” because we don’t follow all of the rules. I think of myself as a blogger and essayist and not a fiction writer, but these exercises have been fun to undertake with my fiction writing friends.

The exercise below is a result of the “three words” game. You set up for this game by creating lists of words that are meaningful to you. Ms. Lisle suggests topics for the lists at the link above. I came up with ten lists where one list has ten words or short phrases and the rest have twenty. You play “three words” by randomly choosing three items from your lists and then writing for ten minutes (or 15 when we do this as a group  exercise). I choose my items with a 10 sided die and 20 sided die donated by a member of my writing group who is generous with her dice.

I’m not saying this is especially good, just (hopefully) not especially bad. And now, the randomly generated:

Clear Skies T-Shirts All iDevices

Dave loved his iShirt. It was going to make him the hit of the Texas Star Party. Just like he was the hit of most parties. If the chinese fortune cookie app didn’t wow the techie chicks, watching Better Off Ted on his chest did the trick.

The iShirt was billed as the “world’s smartest t-shirt” but Dave had to admit it was more like wearing leather armor. Maybe more like a light chainmail as wires were woven into the iShirt. This stiffened the iShirt somewhat. The fanny pack battery weighed one down, but the Iron Man app made that weight easy to bear.

Having to wear the rubber insulating undergarment wasn’t too big of a drag either. This was standard equipment since an unfortunate iShirt accident at the Tour de France and a sweaty bicyclist sponsored by Apple. They paid his funeral expenses …

Probably not a story I care to extend. If I hadn’t run out of time, Dave was going to find out that brightly lit t-shirts and dark sky observing parties did NOT go together well at all. That scene would have been inspired by my recent trip to Mauna Kea. I was at a star party where a number of people were using their iPhone  planetarium apps to try and find stuff and I was surprised by the amount of light they generated.

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