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DBAA: Alaska Photo Library – Positive bloggers should check out

Today’s Alaska agency database from the Alaska page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is:

  • Alaska Photo Library – Locate Alaska-themed photographs by topic and geographic location. From the website, “The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development has made available a selection of images from the former Division of Tourism’s slide library for your use in illustrating and promoting Alaska.”

You’ll notice that I put a photo at the top of this entry. I went to the database and chose “biking” as a term. Along with the photo, I got this license agreement:

I believe that I’m compiling with terms A and F in using the biking photograph. Since I’m not selling this blog entry, using it to bash Alaska or for any political purpose, I’m not guilty of any of the forbidden uses.

If you write a travel reated blog or a blog that treats Alaska favorably, you might want to call on this resource on a regular basis.

Next week we’ll help meet your quarry related needs with the Alaska Rock, Sand and Gravel Directory.

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