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Book Review: The 100 simple secrets of happy people : what scientists have learned and how you can use it

Thanks to Listen Alaska, I recently finished reading the following book on my iPhone:

The format of the book is simple. It’s one hundred ideas, in no particular order, that have been demonstrated to either increase or reduce human happiness. Each idea has a short chapter that was 3-5 screens on an iPhone, so probably 2-3 printed pages. The chapter has a personal story than a description of the research behind the idea. The article concludes with a reference to at least one study behind the idea. The back of the book is an extensive bibliography of the studies mentioned in the book and give enough information to be findable.
Here are my favorite ideas from the book:
7. Turn off the TV.
10. Limit yourself to thinking about one subject as you lie down to sleep.
34. It’s not what happened, it’s how you think about what happened.
44. Eat some fruit every day.
46. Think in concrete terms [In relation to goals].
48. Don’t blame yourself [For things beyond your control].
51. Make your work a calling.
61. Be positive.
71. Don’t accept television’s picture of the world.
72. You always have a choice.
82. Don’t dwell on unwinnable conflicts.
90. Surround yourself with pleasant aromas.
As you might notice from this short list, some of the ideas seem to be very similar to one another (Turn of the TV vs Don’t accept television’s picture of the world.) but the book doesn’t feel too padded. Some of the ideas in this book will appeal to you even if my list does not.
This is a good read that can be done over short sittings like waiting for a bus, being on a break or even as restroom reading. Check it out regardless of media.
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