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Why I Like DVDs For Films/TV I Highly Value

In response to Netflix’s recent price hikes, I switched from streaming plus 3 DVDs to streaming plus 1 DVD. For some reason, this made me think about my owning habits. If I really, really like a TV show or a movie, I prefer to own the DVD over streaming it over Netflix or “buying” a digital copy from Amazon. Here’s why:

1) Streaming (rental) is capricious. Titles come and go on Netflix with little warning and no pushed notification to the subscriber. I’d like to get a monthly e-mail listing the items in my queue will expire that month and what new sci-fi titles have been added to Watch Instantly, but no dice. If I can’t schedule time to watch something, a DVD is a better bet if I KNOW I want to watch it.

2) Buying isn’t buying when it comes to digital objects. If Amazon sells me a digital copy of a movie and then decides it didn’t have the right to do so, they can remove the movie from my computer just like they removed copies of 1984 that had been purchased digitally. If they sell me a DVD, they don’t have that option. I gave them my money for a product and I should be able to keep it. Their relationship with their suppliers and copyholders should be their problem as long as they originally sold it to me in good faith.

3) DVDs generally come with special features. I like them.

I still stream because some DVDs are hard to come by and I’m like nearly everyone else when it comes to instant gratification. What about you?


4 Responses

  1. I like to use closed captioning because sometimes i have trouble undertanding some actors who mumble or have accents. I haven’t figured out yet how to get closed captioning when streaming. So I also prefer DVDs.

  2. special features, permanence, closed captions – all good reasons

  3. I love DVD’s!! An interesting commentary or substantive “making of” feature adds so much value to a wonderful movie or tv series.

    Just some random related trivia: most interesting commentary – 1.episode one of “The Wire” by the writer/creator
    2.episode one of “Deadwood” by the writer/creator,
    3. “Firefly” episode seven: (Out of Gas) by Joss Whedon.
    In each, the writer/creator discusses the central themes they were trying to explore or illuminate in the series.

    Most disappointing: “Rome”. A great series, and I read they did a fantastic amount of research to get all the clothing and props historically correct, but the commentary – which could have been so rich – was a throw-away by one of the directors who was more interested in himself than the series. Ugh! A great educational opportunity squandered.

    I have a Netflix membership which until recently, I was very happy with. I do like their “streaming” feature, but it is not reliable, and the picture quality can pretty bad in some cases.

    I like a lot of british films and rely on subtitles because some of the accents are hard to follow.

    If I really prize a movie or series, I will buy the DVD. I share many of the concerns you stated above. I also enjoy lending my movies to family and friends without fear of breaking “fair use” laws.

  4. Thanks for all the interesting comments so far. All three of you mentioned subtitling and that reminded me of another feature that DVDs have that I like. In many cases they have alternate language tracks. I study Spanish on and off and once in awhile it is fun to watch a Firefly episode in Spanish.

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