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I am the Yo-Yo

Update April 2015: Living Lean has been updated since I wrote the entry below. Please understand that my comments do not refer to the current program.


Back in April 2010, I posted an entry titled Not Obese, Just Overweight. I said:

Back in December 2009, I weighed about 220 pounds, for a BMI of 36 which is well into the obese range, according to the National Institute of Health’s Body Mass Index calculator. Yesterday I weighed in at 174 lbs for a BMI of 29. This means that I am no longer obese.

I just wanted to publicly celebrate this fact. From here I plan to continue to use the process I’ve outlined elsewhere to get down to the 150-160 range. 150 is the heavy end of normal weight for me, but somewhere in the 150s would content me because I exercise five days a week and some weekends, so I wouldn’t be surprised that the regular BMI tables overestimate my fat levels. When I get to the point where I keep my weight stable for a month or so, I’ll buy a few new clothes.

By the summer of 2010, I had gotten down to 169 lbs. My weight was stable for awhile and I did wind up buying new clothes. I went from 38″ pants down to 34″ and in shirts I went from an XL size down to a M size.

Today I weigh 206 lbs, 36″ pants are a little too tight but 38″ pants are a bit loose in most cases. Instead of being the example of permanent weight loss I hoped to be, I’m an example of weight cycling. I apparently have a lot of company, according to a 2007 study from UCLA. About two thirds of people who diet gain it all back. I’m still a bit better off than when I started, just not dramatically so.

I could try to explain to you some of the upheavels in my life since summer 2010 that put me back on the road of emotional eating. I could complain about how the Living Lean program consistently failed to honor the 40 minute biking workouts I did every morning and so made me resistant to retaking the class. But I feel like those would be unproductive excuses. I’m writing this blog entry simply to be intellectually honest. I didn’t want to leave you with the impression that I had found the secret to keeping weight off. I seem to be just another Yo-Yo, weight speaking.


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  1. Don’t think in terms of failure or even weight cycling. Think in terms of big picture. Overall you still have lost weight. If you were to graph your weight loss, you would lose some, gain some back, and then lose some more, with an overall loss of weight. Think positive. Don’t allow something else to take your power away from you. I am on the same journey. I figure it has taken me many years to get heavy, it will take me many years to undo as long as I am losing or just maintaining. And even if I do gain, overall I am still better than where I started. One day at a time and offer up your struggles, there is power in our struggles. And food IS spiritual.

  2. Hi Sofia Loves Wisdom, Thanks for your kind words.

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